Unheimlichkeit IV, photogravure, 12


Unheimlichkeit IV, photogravure, 12" x 17", 2015

In an era where we feel increasingly displaced from the natural world, be it due to polarizing ecological rhetoric or the ever-encroaching role technology plays in our daily experiences, I believe there exists a need for the unreal. This by no means is a call for fantasy, but rather a radical restructuring and reevaluation of the world around us. We can no longer treat images as mere facsimiles, or the physical world as infallible verity. My preferred world is one of contradictions, where time, space, and history ebb and flow to reveal something mystical at the edge of preconception.

Within my work, I explore the intersections between human activities and nature through the lens of Romanticism. Everyone thirsts for a certain sense of ‘out there’ that is a fundamental Romantic tenant, yet our technology seems to strip away from us the sublime transcendence of images. Why? Using the past conventions of landscape pictures, I aim to integrate the unfamiliar, the digital, and the anachronistic in a mode that is seamless and sensual. Digital trees along with chunks of Styrofoam populate undulous layers of space, miniature models of forests become lifelike through the macro lens of a camera, and three-dimensional models imprint their distinct maps upon picturesque photographs. My aim is to unlock the pictorial image, to introduce a deep hybridity of process that questions how we relate to nature, time, and history on a liminal level.