Unheimlichkeit IV, photogravure, 12

Unheimlichkeit IV, photogravure, 12" x 17", 2015

        From birth onward, we engage in a cyclical exchange of shaping and being shaped by the environments around us. The ever-mutable passage of time renders all moments fleeting, and thus our experiences become amalgamations of these fragments. The effect of time on our environmental and existential state is the locus of my visual work. Memories, dreams, reveries, and the imperfect machinery of the mind ebb and flow between one another through dense layers of process. My content is culled from a codex of landscape, architecture, and artifacts pertaining to methods of experiencing the natural world.

The acts of making and understanding have always been closely linked, expanding our cognitive boundaries with their relational dialogue. However, the strongest governing concepts within our awareness, time and space, remain elusive. Outside the realm of our control and understanding, time and space can only be arbitrarily measured and contextualized, which has lead to these ideas becoming purely linear and causal.

Within my work, I endeavor to find new, allegorical modes for addressing the nonlinear possibilities of time and space. Utilizing the pictorial tradition of landscape as "space" and my studio practice as "time", I aim to create a kind of haptic feedback loop within these pieces. Imagery is cross-pollinated between works; old prints are cannibalized and amalgamated into the new; ideas expand and collapse endlessly. Within the realization that none of these works can empirically demonstrate the essence of space or time lies their purpose: the ineffable can only be glimpsed as the penumbra of our failures.

Vicissitudes III, collaged prints with mixed media, 5' x 5', 2015