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Begun in 2021-22, After-World is a collection of provisional objects intended to serve a function in a post-apocalyptic reality. These include items that are commonly referenced in Doomsday Prepper circles, such as tents, blankets, maps, security systems, and other utilitarian goods which may become scarce after a catastrophic event. Shelter is a collection of pup tents, created using digitally generated camouflage from local nature preserves, made of heavy canvas and affixed with grommets. The side opposite the camouflage is a gold reflector, allowing each tent to both function as a means to hide and a way to signal from a distance. Ground is another series of objects, Jacquard woven textiles, utilizing the same nature-based 3D scanning procedure to create a woven tableau of different local flora, distorted and simplified through the same smartphone-based photogrammetry process.

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