N.O.W.H.T.S.K.A. II (detail). Image transfer, acrylic, and ink on panel. 2021

In an era where we feel increasingly displaced from the natural world, due to polarizing ecological rhetoric or the ever-encroaching role technology plays in our daily experiences, I believe there exists a need for the unreal, the unseen. This is not a call for fantasy, but rather a radical restructuring and reevaluation of the world around us. We can no longer treat images as mere facsimiles, or the physical world as infallible verity. One needs to simply turn on the news and switch between channels to experience alternate realities. My preferred arena is one of contradictions, where time, space, and history ebb and flow to reveal something mystical at the edge of preconception. By convoluting the truth of the landscape image through my process, I strive to reveal its artifice, documenting a new world designed to interrogate our expectations of ‘natural’, and what may occur when both technology and nature leave us behind.

NOWHTSKA 2.5.jpg